28 September 202019:15

Comment by the Information and Press Department on Twitter’s biased approach to the RIA Novosti account


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We consider the decision of the Twitter social networking service’s management to forcibly downgrade the search results’ status of the RIA Novosti agency’s account as yet another act of discrimination and censorship with regard to Russian media outlets. This violates the fundamental democratic principles of freedom of expression and equal access to information.

As a result of this unfriendly act, users who are not subscribed to the RIA Novosti page were unable to find it in the platform’s Russian or any other segments.

The biased actions of the American IT Corporation continue the politically motivated campaign launched earlier by Twitter and Facebook to label the pages of Russian media outlets as affiliated with the state.

In August 2020, a similar action was taken with regard to the RT television channel. At the same time, such measures are not applied to Western media resources that are financed by the government. It appears that they are implementing a purposeful line, prompted by Washington, to oust Russian media outlets from the international information space.

We urge the Twitter management to revise their policy that limits the audience’s right to access to information and to renounce the use of anti-democratic tools of unfair competition between American mainstream news outlets and alternative media sources.

We hope that specialised international and human rights organisations will respond properly and objectively assess the restrictive actions of the USA IT Corporation.

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