8 August 202013:39

Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova’s comment on the situation around the TikTok social media app’s operation in the US


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We consider the unreasonably harsh restrictive action of the American side in relation to one of the largest social media platforms, the TikTok video sharing app, to be a violation of a wide range of Washington's international obligations to ensure the unimpeded and broad distribution of all forms of information, as well as the free choice of its sources, and to encourage cooperation in this area.

Based on unsubstantiated allegations, the ban on any transactions between US citizens and the Chinese company ByteDance, which owns TikTok, in combination with an aggressive campaign to force it to sell the app to American corporations is yet another egregious manifestation of unfair economic competition with a purpose of dominating the international information space.

The actions of the US authorities run counter to the basic principles of a free market economy and violate WTO rules. The attempt by the Washington establishment to justify this unceremonious arm twisting policy against a Chinese competitor in order to take it over by national security interests looks especially cynical.

We urge Washington to reconsider its methods of competition to preserve the US IT giants’ monopoly in the international social media market and to bring them in line with the generally accepted democratic values ​​and international law.

We expect that specialised international bodies and human rights organisations will react appropriately and give an impartial assessment of these actions.


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