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Report by the Foreign Ministry’s special working group on reviewing complaints and applications of Russian nationals who are abroad and unable to return to the Russian Federation


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Under Government Resolution No. 433 of April 3, 2020, Russian nationals who are abroad and unable to return home due to coronavirus restrictions are entitled to social support (assistance).

 Social support payments are subjected to meticulous verification to rule out abuse. In many cases, especially when several applications are submitted by one individual, verification procedures are slowed and applications have to be handled manually. This process is conducted daily to enable the Foreign Ministry’s commission to make decisions on financial support as soon as possible and to prioritise the most urgent humanitarian cases.

A special working group has been set up at the Foreign Ministry to review complaints and applications and to provide social support for Russian nationals abroad who are unable to return home during the restrictions.

 To streamline the review process, Russians can check their status independently, primarily the accuracy of the personal data sent to the Foreign Ministry’s e-address https://sos.midhelp.ru/status before sending complaints or applications with regard to non-payment of social support.

 If there are still questions about social assistance, petitions can be addressed to the working group at 433РР@mid.ru.

A message must contain a brief description of the problem, last, first and middle names, the country of stay, the 9-digit application number assigned by the unified government services website during registration (all applications must be listed), and contact telephone number. The heading must include the basic problem (lack of or discontinuation of support, amount of aid, or return of funds).

The working group’s contact number is +7(495)587-88-60.

As a reminder, only those Russian nationals who have tickets (and can confirm it) for a return to the Russian Federation from March 16, 2020 through May 31, 2020, are entitled to social assistance under Government Resolution No. 433 of April 3, 2020.

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