6 April 202014:37

Comment by the Information and Press Department on tariff barriers on Serbian goods in Kosovo


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Authorities in Pristina continue to manipulate the topic of lifting the 100 per cent customs tariffs on goods from the central part of Serbia, which were imposed in November 2018 and resulted in the Kosovo settlement process coming to a halt.

Kosovo’s “acting prime minister” Albin Kurti, in another gesture of demagoguery, announced the lifting of the tariffs as of April 1, but temporarily and with restrictions that contain many preconditions. First, Kosovo is insisting on a “reciprocity principle” forcing Belgrade to mark the goods under Pristina’s standards, which means to agree to insert the self-proclaimed “Republic of Kosovo” into documents which would imply the indirect recognition of this quasi-state.

Thus, the Kosovars have not softened their stand as had been demanded by their Western patrons but rather tightened their preconditions instead. It is telling that even Washington, which thoroughly supports Kosovo’s “independence,” was critical of Pristina’s latest move which deliberately delays the prospect of resuming the dialogue with Belgrade. In this context, the EU’s ecstatic reaction seems odd since, as one of the mediators the EU should respond with a sober assessment of the situation without favouring either party.

We believe these anti-Serbia steps by Kosovo’s authorities need to be completely and unconditionally reversed. 


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