20 February 202022:10

Comment by the Information and Press Department on accusations against Russia of carrying out large-scale cyberattacks on Georgian websites


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We would like to comment on the accusations from the authorities of Georgia, the United States, Great Britain and several other European countries that Russia allegedly carried out large-scale cyberattacks on Georgian websites, servers and operating systems.

It is clear that this obviously planted information is unsubstantiated and politically motivated. There is not, and cannot be, any evidence of Russian official agencies’ involvement in malicious activities in Georgian online networks.

The fact that Washington, London, Tbilisi and others synchronised their propaganda efforts is worth noting. It took almost four months to blame Russia for an incident that allegedly took place on October 28, 2019. Once again, all the accusations are based on the notorious “highly likely” concept.

It is regrettable that Georgia does not want to abandon its policy of demonising Russia and learn its lessons from last year’s crisis. All this further sours our bilateral relations that are already complicated. We still believe that overcoming our current disagreements and continuing to normalise relations are in the essential interests of the Russian and Georgian nations. We understand that there are forces that do not want to accept this.


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