11 November 201911:43

Comment by the Information and Press Department on the situation around Bolivia


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We are alarmed by the dramatic developments in Bolivia, where a wave of violence, unleashed by the opposition, has prevented President Evo Morales from completing his tenure of office.

We are deeply concerned that the government’s readiness to search for constructive dialogue-based solutions, voiced during the domestic political crisis in the country, was wiped out by developments typical of a well-orchestrated coup d’etat.

We are urging all Bolivian political forces to use common sense and have a responsible attitude, and to find a constitutional way out of the situation in the interests of peace, tranquility, restoring the controllability of the state institutions, guaranteeing the rights of all citizens and ensuring the socioeconomic development of that country, with which Russia is bound by relations of friendship, constructive collaboration and mutually beneficial cooperation. We hope that all members of the international community, Bolivia’s neighbours in the Latin American region, influential extra-regional countries and international organisations will display such a responsible approach.

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