18 September 201919:26

Press release on the return of Russian archival material from the United States


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On September 18, the US Embassy in Moscow was where the delivery ceremony took place of 16 valuable historical documents, which had been stolen from Russian archives in the 1990s and eventually surfaced in the United States. The event was attended by representatives of the Russian Ministry of Culture, the Federal Customs Service of Russia and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia. These documents include the executive orders on the awarding of imperial decorations (orders) signed by Emperor Nicholas II, which were issued in one copy and were never published.

Such ceremonies are held when items stolen from Russian archives and museums turn up in US antiques shops. The two countries’ agencies have been working together for years to unearth the stolen valuables and to repatriate them to Russia, which is a good example of the positive potential of a constructive attitude to bilateral cooperation.

We express our gratitude to the US law enforcement agencies and the US Embassy in Russia for their contribution to the restoration of historical justice.

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