21 June 201913:28

Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s remarks at the opening of Tayir Salakhov’s exhibition, Moscow, June 21, 2019


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Allow me to say a few words about today’s event. We are opening an exhibition of paintings by Tayir Salakhov, a Soviet, Russian and Azerbaijani artist and Vice-President of the Russian Academy of Arts.

First of all, I would like to express our sincere gratitude to Mr Salakhov for accepting this invitation and also to all those who worked on this beautiful display. I would also like to thank Azerbaijan’s Ambassador to Russia, Polad Byulbyul-ogly, who is yet another living legend of our time along with Tayir Salakhov.

This idea arose last year, when the Russian foreign minister was paying a visit to Baku. We visited an exhibition in the capital of Azerbaijan. I thought it would be right for Moscow residents to see these works too. I am happy that our arrangement worked and the exhibition is a fait accompli.

Mr Salakhov has all the titles, including People’s Artist. But I think the best reward for an artist and, in general, any professional is people’s appreciation. And appreciation is what we have now.

Mr Salakhov, we are grateful to you for continuing to delight us with your work. I am confident that this exhibition will be popular with all those present here today. We hope to continue the display for the benefit of people who were unable to come along today.

I wish you fresh creative successes, good health, and the happiness of being always surrounded by friends. 


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