15 March 201922:05

Comment by the Information and Press Department regarding new anti-Russia sanctions adopted by the United States and Canada


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The United States and Canada have adopted a new package of sanctions against Russia today, which they have coordinated with their European allies. There is nothing new or unexpected about this. For the past few years, Washington and Ottawa periodically impose restrictions on Russian citizens and organisations under far-fetched pretexts. The goal of these actions is to bring more pressure to bear on Russia.

The reasons given for these restrictions include Russia’s alleged aggression against Ukraine and the illegal “annexation” of Crimea. The new element this time is “the unjustified attack near the Kerch Strait.” However, it is obvious to everyone, except probably those who were responsible for such decisions, that none of the sanctions against Russia, no matter how numerous, have produced the results the United States and Canada wanted. Hobbled by the belief in their infallibility, they probably think that Russia will succumb to their orders if only a bit more pressure is put on it. This will never happen.

A few words about Canada: It would seem more logical for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s team to focus on the challenging domestic political problems instead of playing their Russo-phobic card. Judging by all appearances, however, the Canadian authorities are suffering from a pathological “sanctions addiction,” which they are unable to overcome. It is also obvious that, while expanding its anti-Russia blacklists, the northern neighbour of the United States is even attempting to outdo its Big Brother in some respects.

We regret that Washington and Ottawa continue on their pernicious course towards complete destruction of their bilateral relations with Russia, which are in a deplorable state as it is because of their crass Russia-hate policies.

As for our practical response, it will certainly follow.

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