13 March 201909:30

Comment by the Information and Press Department regarding new US sanctions


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Washington has decided to impose new sanctions on Russia, adding to the list a Russian bank that helps the Venezuelan government work with its foreign partners. The United States, which claims that Nicolas Maduro is an illegitimate leader, forgets that he is the democratically elected president of a sovereign state and that it is illegal to adopt sanctions outside the framework of the UN Security Council.

It is hardly worthwhile to speak about the effectiveness of the US ban on that bank’s dollar-denominated transactions, because so much has been said before about the meagre results of the numerous restrictions imposed on Russia. On the other hand, this ban has delivered yet another blow to the US national currency, to global trust in it and to its status as a tool of international settlements. Washington seems to be doing its utmost to destroy the global trust in the US dollar and to encourage the world to stop using the US currency.

The threats subsequently made by US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo against Rosneft for its cooperation with Venezuela are pointless as well. Sanctions were imposed on the Russian oil company back in 2014, but it continued to work productively nevertheless, whereas its former American partners, which Washington forced to curtail their relations with Rosneft, have suffered huge losses.

We urge the United States to rethink this policy, to stop imposing bans on foreign companies and banks and to start working together under UN leadership to help stabilise Venezuela on the basis of international law.

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