5 March 201913:29

Sergey Lavrov’s opening remarks during a meeting with Syrian High Negotiations Committee Head Nasr al-Hariri, Riyadh, March 5, 2019


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Mr Nasr al-Hariri,

I am glad to welcome you and your colleagues.

This meeting is an opportunity for another contact in the interest of finding a solution to the Syrian conflict as soon as possible.

We are determined to search for settlement options. We hope that you and other representatives of the Syrian opposition will contribute to the early formation of the Constitutional Committee. We will probably discuss this in more detail today. And we certainly hope that the responsible opposition members will stand up for rendering assistance to the Syrians from the international community, not only in terms of humanitarian aid, but also in creating the most basic conditions for heat and electricity supply to people’s homes, provision of educational and medical services, which would allow refugees and displaced persons to return to their homes.

We discussed these issues in detail with our Saudi colleagues both yesterday and today, and found mutual understanding on all major topics.









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