18 February 201917:37

Comment by the Information and Press Department on the suspension of a number of RT-related accounts on Facebook


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The US continues down the path of strict censorship and restrictions on freedom of speech on the internet. Today, we learned that Facebook has suspended without explanation a number of RT-related accounts, in particular Anissa Naouai’s In the Now project that had a total of 4 million subscribers.

Once again, we are dealing with an act of direct and legally dubious pressure on information sources that are inconvenient for Washington. It is obvious that this trend toward censoring the internet is only gaining momentum despite constant calls from the West that we respect freedom in the digital and information spheres.

We believe it is unacceptable for Facebook administrators to block accounts in an authoritarian and non-transparent manner that violates generally recognised principles of freedom of expression and equal access to information.

We call on relevant international organisations to respond, above all, the OSCE Representative on Freedom of the Media. We would also ask international human rights organisations to give their assessment of the American interpretation of internet "freedom".

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