16 January 201917:09

Comment by the Information and Press Department on the US’s preparations to launch an information campaign to discredit Russia’s policy related to Afghanistan


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We have recently received information saying that the US security services are preparing a series of bogus stories to be published in the media of Afghanistan and some Western countries, aimed at discrediting Russia’s policy related to Afghanistan. In particular, they plan to accuse our country of assisting ISIS, including in the redeployment of their militants from Syria and Iraq to Afghanistan.

The goal of this information diversion is obvious: to detract the attention of the international community from the US’s 17-year-long Afghan campaign, which has seen many failures. The White House has recently announced its intention to partially withdraw troops from Afghanistan, a move which was considered an acknowledgment of its own defeat.

We see one more subtext in the provocation. We have repeatedly pointed out the blatant inactivity of the American side and the NATO leadership regarding the flights by unidentified helicopters that deliver reinforcements and weapons to ISIS terrorists in Afghanistan, mostly in the north of the region. We have asked direct questions about who is delivering weapons to extremists and helping them create a base near the southern borders of the CIS. And now Washington has seemingly decided to shift the blame to Russia rather than answer this question.

At the same time, we point out the continuing evidence of a connection, if not direct then indirect, between the Americans and ISIS. We are referring to the recent statement made by the Taliban about the targeted raid by the US special task force to capture a Taliban prison in the Afghan province of Badghis, where ISIS militants have been held since being captured in northern Afghanistan in August 2018. All of the militants were moved by the special task force to an unknown destination. According to some reports, citizens of Russia and Central Asian countries could be among them.

Such an interest in ISIS militants suggests that the US might have been trying to prevent a leak of information regarding what the ISIS members could reveal about their real sponsors.

We would like to warn the masterminds of the information campaign that is being prepared that they will not be able to deceive the international community and the peoples of Afghanistan who are traditionally friendly towards Russia.

We urge Washington to stop scheming in connection with issues that are sensitive for Afghanistan and its neighbours, and try to help reach a peaceful settlement in this country in the interests of all strata of Afghan society.

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