29 October 201813:37

Comment by the Information and Press Department on statements made by US National Security Adviser John Bolton in Armenia


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At a recent briefing, the Foreign Ministry’s Spokesperson commented on the “farewell” speech made by former US Ambassador to Armenia Richard M. Mills before he left Yerevan. He publicly instructed the leaders of the receiving country on economic policy matters and promised lavish funding to local NGOs for controlling the government.

It appears that there can be no greater impudence that cannot be discerned from direct interference in domestic affairs. But this is not so.

US National Security Adviser John Bolton who visited Yerevan the other day demanded openly that Armenia renounce historical clichés in its international relations and hardly bothered to conceal the fact that this implied Armenia’s traditional friendship with Russia. He also said that he expected Nikol Pashinyan to voice initiatives on the Nagorno-Karabakh settlement after the national parliamentary elections. Naturally, he did not forget to advertise US weapons that Armenia should buy instead of Russian weapons.

Incidentally, not all of John Bolton’s statements in Yerevan deserve to be criticised. In his October 25 interview to Radio Liberty, he made a wonderful comment: “I think that’s really fundamental to Armenia exercising its full sovereignty and not being dependent on or subject to excessive foreign influence.” It would be good if John Bolton thinks over the meaning of his own words.

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