7 August 201814:43

Comment by the Information and Press Department on the reinstatement of exterritorial US sanctions against Iran


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We are deeply disappointed with US efforts to reinstate national sanctions against Iran. The introduction of the first package of US restrictions aims to thwart the implementation of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), from which Washington unilaterally withdrew on May 8. This is a graphic example of Washington’s continued violation of UN Security Council Resolution 2231 and trampling upon the norms of international law.

We denounce any unilateral sanctions in circumvention of the UN Security Council’s decisions, all the more so if they have exterritorial applications and affect the interests of third countries, as is the case with the current US restrictions against Iran.

The JCPOA has completely proved its worth and efficiency. The IAEA regularly confirms that Iran unfailingly honours its obligations. The Plan’s verification, control and monitoring measures are being carried out in full. This itself reliably attests to the peaceful nature of the Iranian nuclear programme.

The international community must prevent these significant achievements of multilateral diplomacy from being sacrificed to US aspirations to square political accounts with Iran on issues that have nothing to do with the JCPOA. As long-term experience shows, it will be impossible to secure concessions from Iran using pressure tactics.

We are confident that the JCPOA has a sufficiently large margin of safety. The parties to this agreement have the potential for overcoming the current difficulties. We reaffirm our commitment to the JCPOA.

We will do everything possible in the interests of preserving and effectively implementing the JCPOA in full measure. We are implementing the relevant measures to protect trade and economic cooperation with Iran at national level. Together with other responsible parties to the JCPOA, we continue to elaborate collective decisions aiming to preserve and expand international trade and financial cooperation with Iran. These tasks were set by foreign ministers of states, parties to the JCPOA, in a statement on the results of its Joint Commission’s meeting on July 6. We believe that this work meets the interests of the entire international community.

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