13 July 201821:57

Comment by the Information and Press Department regarding the latest US anti-Russia allegations


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Washington is doing its utmost to revive old allegations of Russia’s interference in the 2016 presidential election in the United States. Special Counsel Robert Mueller, who has been appointed to investigate what never happened, has brought charges against 12 Russian individuals who are referred to as “GRU (the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Russian Armed Forces) officers”. However, the conspiracy schemes contrived for the Americans do not prove that the persons charged are either intelligence officers or were involved in hacking. Moreover, no proof has been provided for the claim that these persons hacked into the computer networks of the US Democratic Party.

The obvious goal of this move is to sour the atmosphere ahead of the Russian-US summit. The influential US political forces that used open lies to prevent the normalisation of our relations over the past two years have rushed to make the most of this fake news before it becomes a thing of the past.

Regrettably, it has become the norm in Washington to promote fake news and initiate criminal proceedings for obvious political purposes. The question is how long Washington will continue to play this shameful and disgraceful act. Sooner or later, the initiators of this campaign will have to answer for the damage they have done and continue to do for mercenary reasons to American democracy by undermining public trust in it.

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