5 July 201815:37

Statement by the Foreign Ministry


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On July 3, Damascus published an official statement by the Syrian government calling on citizens who were forced to leave the country amid war and terrorist aggression, to return to their homeland now that most of the areas captured by the terrorists have been liberated. The statement confirms that the Syrian government assumes responsibility for the safety and immunity of its citizens and meeting their needs by maintaining properly functioning schools, medical institutions and other kinds of socioeconomic infrastructure. However, the document also underscores the need for humanitarian agencies and the international community to contribute to ensuring proper conditions for the voluntary return of the Syrian citizens to their homeland. In this regard, it is noted that Syria expects the international community and its specialised agencies to lift the unlawful unilateral sanctions imposed on the Syrian people.

Moscow welcomes the above statement which shows that Damascus is strongly committed to restoring the unity of Syria and the Syrians and to a speedy transition to peaceful life and reconstruction.

Russia will continue to provide assistance and support to the friendly nation of Syria, including by facilitating the return to peaceful life, rebuilding what was destroyed, creating proper conditions for returning refugees and temporarily displaced persons to their homes.

We look forward to members of the international community, the UN and its specialised agencies responding to the invitation by Damascus and making additional efforts to assist Syria and its people in creating favourable conditions for the voluntary and dignified return of Syrian refugees to their homeland. We stand ready to work closely with partners.

We are convinced that the return of Syrian refugees to their homeland will help further stabilise the situation in Syria and the Middle East in general, alleviating the financial and economic burden and social problems which this has created for many states, primarily Syria's neighbours.

The Russian Federation does not recognise the anti-Syrian sanctions imposed unilaterally by a number of states and inter-state associations and considers them a serious obstacle to the final eradication of the terrorist threat in Syria and the political settlement in that country based on UN Security Council Resolution 2254.

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