26 June 201811:32

Comment by the Information and Press Department on the unveiling of a memorial plaque to Waffen-SS Colonel Alfons Rebane in Estonia


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We were shocked to read about a ceremony held in Estonia on June 22 to unveil a memorial plaque on the 110th birth anniversary of Waffen-SS Standartenführer (Colonel) Alfons Rebane, who commanded punitive operations against civilians in the Soviet territory occupied by Nazi troops during the Great Patriotic War.

We note the particular cynicism of the organisers of this shameful event, who held it on June 22, the day when the Great Patriotic War began in 1941. It is nothing other than an insult to the memory of millions of people who fell fighting Nazism.

We regret to say that the Estonian authorities, who hastened to dissociate themselves from the unveiling of the plaque, have not found the courage to denounce this latest evidence of the glorification of Nazism in their country.

We consider this policy to be unacceptable and urge the international organisations concerned to convince Tallinn to put an end to this unashamed propaganda of neo-Nazism in Estonia.

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