13 June 201813:47

Comment by the Information and Press Department regarding US accusations against Sovfracht shipping company


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Washington has again demonstrated political imprudence by bringing charges against Joint Stock Company Sovfracht, a Russian shipping company and freight forwarder, for delivering jet fuel to Syria. In 2016-2017, the United States blocked the transfer of $5.5 million by the company, and now it has taken a new and objectionable step in response to our requests to return the money.

Sovfracht delivered jet fuel to Russian Aerospace Forces units, which are helping fight terrorist groups in Syria. US references to its own sanctions against the legitimate Syrian authorities, which bear the brunt of the counterterrorism struggle in the interests of global security, are not only a new and outrageous attempt to spread US national law beyond its own borders, but this essentially amounts to supporting terrorists.

On the other hand, this is not surprising. During the Obama administration, the United States refused to declare ISIS a threat and protected even Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists from punishment in Syria, although al-Nusra is a branch of al-Qaeda and has been declared a terrorist organisation by the UN. While seeking a change of government in Damascus, Washington officials were ready to make a deal with anyone, even self-confessed jihadists.

The latest anti-Russia attack is new evidence that the United States, whose support for the mujahedeen in Afghanistan produced al-Qaeda, pays no heed for the lessons of history and, as we have pointed out before, is looking for an enemy where there is none. Washington’s unscrupulousness and stubborn desire to harm Russia, instead of joining forces with it in the fight against terrorism, may come at a cost for the American people, who have suffered a great deal from the evil of terrorism.

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