24 February 201809:31

Comment by the Information and Press Department on the signing of the “Donbass reintegration” law by the President of Ukraine


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The scandalous law on the so-called reintegration of Donbass entered into force on February 24, 2018. Kiev has therefore finally confirmed its striving to resolve the conflict in southeastern Ukraine by force.

By signing the above-mentioned law, Petr Poroshenko has virtually annulled the Minsk Agreements and set loose the war hawks. Any direct dialogue with the authorities of the self-proclaimed republics, the de-escalation of confrontation and a search for ways of achieving a political peace settlement are out of the question. On the contrary, the document creates favourable conditions for the forcible seizure of territories of the Donetsk and Lugansk regions that are not controlled by Kiev and legalises the use of the Ukrainian army against civilians.

There remained a fragile hope that President Poroshenko, who had personally helped draft the Minsk Agreements three years ago and later regularly stated his commitment to the accords, would, nevertheless, change his mind. But no miracle happened. With the stroke of a pen, the Ukrainian head of state has virtually signed a verdict for the Minsk Package of Measures.

Indicatively, the enactment of this law has coincided with another anniversary of the coup d’etat, staged by Ukrainian nationalists in February 2014. The conclusions are obvious: The current Kiev regime that gained power through an armed putsch accepts no methods other than violence.

The practical implementation of this law is fraught with the serious escalation of the situation in southeastern Ukraine. We hope that its Western curators realise this and will be able to use their current influence on Kiev to prevent a scenario that might prove ruinous for Ukrainian statehood and which is rife with unpredictable consequences for European stability and security.

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