26 January 201814:34

Comment by the Information and Press Department on US representatives’ statements regarding Russia-Myanmar military-technical cooperation


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We have taken note of a statement made by the US State Department spokesperson criticising the recent Russia-Myanmar agreements on further expanding their military and military-technical cooperation. In this connection, we would like to point out the following.

Russia is actively involved in the international community’s efforts to facilitate the normalisation of the situation in Myanmar and is contributing to the search for various options to resolve the complicated issues concerning the country’s Rakhine State by political methods, while respecting the sovereignty of Myanmar and pledging non-interference in the domestic affairs of this state. Russia’s well-thought-out position helped find mutually acceptable compromises and stabilise the situation in Rakhine State. We are also providing the required humanitarian aid to the government of Myanmar.

At the same time, we believe that military-technical cooperation is a legitimate component of interstate relations, unless it contradicts the decisions of the UN Security Council. Deliveries of Russian military products to Myanmar aim to boost the country’s defence capability. Only a very vivid imagination of our State Department colleagues can perceive a link between this task and the threat of even greater sufferings of civilians.

In this connection, we would like to recall that the people of Southeast Asia have hardly forgotten the casualties and destruction inflicted on them by US weapons during numerous recent wars conducted by the United States in the region. However, this does not prevent Washington from selling lethal weapons to Southeast Asian countries and building up its military presence in direct proximity to this region.

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