2 September 201714:44

Press release on summoning the Minister Counselor of the US Embassy to the Russian Foreign Ministry


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Minister Counselor of the US Embassy in Moscow Anthony Godfrey was summoned to appear at the Russian Foreign Ministry on September 2. He was handed a note of protest regarding the US authorities conducting a search of Russia’s Trade Representation office in Washington, access to which has been closed to us as of today, although this building is in Russia’s state ownership and has diplomatic immunity status.

It is underlined in the note that we consider the illegitimate search of the Russian premises without the presence of Russian officials and the expressed threat to break down the entrance door as an unprecedented, aggressive act, which could be used by US special services to stage an anti-Russian provocation by planting compromising items.

The US authorities must stop these crude breaches of international law and cease encroaching on the immunity of Russian diplomatic missions. Otherwise we reserve the right to take retaliatory measures based on the principle of reciprocity.


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