5 July 201715:59

Comment by the Information and Press Department on Deputy Foreign Minister Grigory Karasin’s forthcoming meeting with the Georgian Prime Minister's Special Envoy for Relations with Russia Zurab Abashidze


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State Secretary and Deputy Foreign Minister Grigory Karasin is expected to hold a regular meeting with the Georgian Prime Minister's Special Envoy for Relations with Russia Zurab Abashidze in Prague on July 7. The meeting will be attended by representatives of the transportation departments of both countries.

During the consultations the sides will continue discussing practical issues for normalising and developing Russian-Georgian commercial, transportation and humanitarian relations. The sides will exchange views on a fairly urgent matter which is that of the implementation of the 2011 agreement on the mechanism of customs administration and monitoring of regional trade. Russia and Georgia have already done much preparatory work with Switzerland’s mediation. There is a real opportunity to sign a contract in the near future, which is necessary for the implementation of the agreement. We hope that Tbilisi will present explanations on the customs processing of cargo on Georgian territory, about which Russia enquired a long time ago.

Regrettably, as it so often happens, the eve of the Prague meeting was overshadowed by a provocation. False allegations that are fabricated in such cases are very repetitive. Tbilisi claimed one more time that South Ossetia is putting up its border signs in the depth of Georgian territory. We have no doubt that the review of this matter via the Incident Prevention and Response Mechanism will convincingly expose these absurd claims, like was the case all previous times before.

The opponents of the normalisation of Russian-Georgian relations will not hamper the holding of a productive meeting due to be held in Prague.

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