14 March 201711:04

Comment by the Information and Press Department on the situation with banks with Russian capital in Ukraine


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The recent reports published in Ukraine are not even surprising anymore. After certain fringe groups blockaded the railway that is used to deliver coal to Ukrainian power plants, which provoked a major energy and economic crisis in Ukraine, other so-called active citizens have undertaken destructive actions in the country’s banking sector.

They have found yet another deadly enemy that can be blamed for Ukraine’s problems. This enemy is banks with Russian capital. These have been working very successfully in Ukraine and are of great benefit to its economy and financial sector. This is also in the interests of numerous Ukrainian depositors. These troublemakers, whose actions the country’s law enforcement agencies disregard, have blocked and are hindering the operation of banks. Moreover, some members of the Ukrainian government are openly encouraging these radically minded people to take these illegal actions.

We do have a few rhetorical questions about this. Why are some people dissatisfied with the operations of successful banks which are legal under Ukrainian law? They have been registered in full compliance with Ukrainian legislation and are playing a major role in the Ukrainian banking system. Will hindering the operation of these banks do a disservice to the current Ukrainian government? Can the Ukrainian government stop these arbitrary actions, and is it willing to do so?

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