3 March 201714:05

Press release on the release of a Russian crew member from the tanker Temeteron


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On March 2, six members of the international crew of the tanker Temeteron, including one Russian national – senior mechanic I. Pashchenko – were released after Tripoli’s public prosecutor’s office completed their investigation into the case of the tanker, which was detained off Libya’s coast in June 2016. 

Today, March 3, Mr Pashchenko will leave for Russia with the assistance of the Russian Embassy in Tripoli, which is temporarily based in Tunis.

Two other Russian nationals from the tanker crew, Captain V. Tekuchev and First Mate S. Samoilov, remain in Libya. Their case will be heard at the next court hearing. We believe they will also be able to return home before long.

Russia will take all necessary measures to make this happen.

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