15 February 201717:07

Press release on six-party consultations on Afghanistan in Moscow


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On February 15, six-party consultations on the Afghan issue took place in Moscow involving Russia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, China, Iran and India, at the level of special envoys for Afghanistan and high-level officials. The participants were also received by Deputy Foreign Minister Igor Morgulov.

The parties discussed regional approaches to the development of security in the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan at length.

The participants agreed to step up efforts to promote the intra-Afghan peace process while maintaining the leading role of Kabul and observing the previously agreed upon principles of integrating the armed opposition into peaceful coexistence.

In the context of a possible expansion of this negotiation format, the parties agreed on the necessity to increase regional efforts to stabilise the situation in Afghanistan through the potential of other countries in the next stage, particularly the Central Asian countries.


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