10 February 201718:12

Comment by the Information and Press Department on remarks by USFOR-A Commander John Nicholson


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We took note of yet another fit of “conspiracy theory” fever – you can’t call it otherwise – hitting the Commander of the US and NATO Forces in Afghanistan, Gen. John Nicholson, who claims that Russia has been supplying arms to the Taliban to undermine the US and NATO positions in Afghanistan. These groundless claims were echoed by a well-known Russophobe, Senator John McCain.

At the same time, acknowledging that the security situation in Afghanistan is truly lamentable, General Nicholson is asking Washington to send several thousand troops in addition to the existing, almost 10,000-strong, US military contingent in the IRA in the hope that this will help address current problems. He must have forgotten that there were about 100,000 US troops there not long ago who also failed to mitigate the situation.

All of this is strongly reminiscent of the futile attempts to accuse Russia of their own failures in Afghan affairs. This is likely to help him gain favour in certain circles in Washington but will hardly improve the depressing security situation in Afghanistan. 

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