28 October 201616:24

Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Maria Zakharova’s answer to a question from Norway’s NRK broadcasting corporation on plans to deploy US marines in Norway


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Question: How would you comment on the Norwegian government’s decision to deploy 330 US marines on its territory?

Maria Zakharova: Naturally, this fact has not escaped our attention. We believe that it contradicts the Norwegian policy of not deploying foreign military bases in the country in times of peace.

The fact that at the current stage it’s a matter of just 330 US marines to be deployed in an area fairly remote from Russia is small consolation. According to the Norwegian Defence Ministry, the US contingent may conduct manoeuvres throughout the entire country, apparently including the North as well. As for the fact that this deployment will be rotation-based and not permanent, it should not mislead anyone as individual servicemen will be rotated, while the presence itself will be permanent.

This decision by the government of Norway appears to be yet another link in a chain of US-led military preparations that have markedly intensified lately against the backdrop of the anti-Russian hysteria. This move in no way helps maintain stability and security in Europe’s North.

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