6 July 201621:31

Press release on the adoption of a resolution on the protection of the family at the 32rd Session of the UN Human Rights Council


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The resolution entitled Protection of the Family: The Role of the Family in Supporting the Promotion and Protection of Human Rights for Persons with Disabilities has been adopted at the 32rd session of the UN Human Rights Council at the initiative of countries from the Group of Friends of the Family, which includes Russia.

The adoption of the resolution is an important step forward in promoting the issue of family protection within the United Nations and enshrining in the HRC resolutions the notion that the traditional family is a natural and fundamental unit of society.

The resolution highlights the role of the family as a contributor to sustainable development and regards promotion of national family policies as part of efforts to achieve the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

The resolution also underscores the role of the traditional family in promoting and protecting the rights of its members, including people with disabilities. It provides for the convocation of  a seminar to review  the  UN member-states’ compliance   with their commitments under the international human rights agreements with regard to supporting the family and protecting the rights of its members, including people with disabilities.

The approval of a resolution on family matters by the HRC has special importance as the Council’s activities become increasingly politicised, with confrontational initiatives being included in its agenda to impose alien concepts and values on member-states.

Russia is consistent in opposing this approach that fails to take into account the civilisational, cultural, religious and historical specifics of various countries. Russia’s stance on this issue benefits from widespread support, which is evidenced by the many countries all over the world that co-sponsored this resolution at the 32rd HRC Session.

Russia will continue to promote issues related to the protection of the family within the United Nations.


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