4 July 201616:46

Comment by the Information and Press Department on Poland’s decision to suspend local cross border movement


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On June 30, Polish authorities announced a decision to suspend the provisions of the bilateral intergovernmental agreement on cross border movement of December 14, 2011. The decision is effective as of July 4. The agreement allowed residents of the Kaliningrad Region to enter neighbouring districts in Poland. These recent restrictions were reportedly introduced for reasons of security in connection with the forthcoming NATO summit in Warsaw (July 8-9) and World Youth Days in Krakow (July 26-31).

Russia received notice of this unilateral decision without preliminary consultations. Moreover, it is hard to understand the link between the need to ensure security at the events in Warsaw and Krakow and an agreement that only covers the border areas of the Pomeranian and Warmian-Masurian provinces. We note Warsaw’s statement on the temporary nature of these restrictions but will have to wait and see what will happen in practice.

Proceeding from the principle of reciprocity, Russia has taken measures as regards Polish citizens visiting the Kaliningrad Region. These measures will remain in effect until Warsaw restores the former procedures on cross border movement under the above agreement.

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