7 August 202017:59

Comment by the Information and Press Department on Twitter and Facebook labelling accounts


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We regard the move by the administration of Twitter, following Facebook, to label Russian media accounts as state-affiliated, while Western media outlets financed by the government remain unlabeled, as a violation of the key democratic principles of ensuring the free distribution of information and free access to it. This step once again shows the systematic policy of double standards and country discrimination, which align with Washington’s foreign policy and the unfair competition between US mainstream media and alternative sources of information

We see these politicised and biased actions of American IT giants as their ambition to squeeze Russian media content out of the international information space by decreasing its citation rate.

We call on these internet platforms to wave away the authority of self-proclaimed political censors and not to deprive their audiences of the right to free and unlimited access to information in violation of fundamental democratic principles.

We expect specialised international agencies and human rights organisations to respond accordingly and give an impartial assessment of these actions of the US media corporation, which look dubious considering the free distribution of information.




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