10 July 202014:18

Comment by the Information and Press Department on US remarks in connection with the UN Security Council discussing a draft resolution on a cross-border mechanism for delivering humanitarian aid to Syria


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Moscow is disappointed with the fact that US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo took the liberty to comment on the UN Security Council discussions in connection with the draft resolution on the cross-border mechanism for delivering humanitarian aid to Syria. This is yet another attempt to distort the facts and the actual state of affairs for the sake of pursuing self-serving political interests. Unfortunately, Washington’s arrogant attacks against Russia and China are no longer surprising. However, the ease with which the current situation in Syria is being blatantly misrepresented as a result of the speculations on the Syrians’ humanitarian needs is really quite surprising.

We are talking about Syria now, but the sad experience of recent years clearly shows that these schemes were used in other countries of the region as well. Iraq and Libya convincingly demonstrate the disastrous results of this kind of geopolitical engineering. Notably, none of those who mounted aggression against these countries by grossly breaking every rule in the book of international law and trampling upon the UN Charter principles has assumed responsibility for the devastating fallout of this intervention.

The far-fetched humanitarian and other pretexts used to intervene in the Middle Eastern states are now being replicated in Syria. However, the negative impact of illegal unilateral sanctions aimed at economic strangulation of the country and exacerbating the suffering of the Syrian people is bashfully hushed up. Nothing is mentioned about freezing international funding for the needs of the post-conflict rebuilding effort and blocking any and all steps to normalise relations with Damascus. The goal is to destabilise the domestic political situation in Syria, provoke social protests and make another attempt to change the “objectionable regime.”

In this regard, we consider it necessary to once again state that Russia has advocated and continues to advocate an increase in humanitarian aid to all needy Syrians throughout Syria. However, it must be done in accordance with the international humanitarian law providing for coordination with the government of the recipient country, as is the case in other countries. Western countries are up in arms against the need for coordination with the government of Syria, a UN member country. This only proves that they are not interested in helping those in need, and their only goal is to use humanitarian aid as a tool to undermine Syria’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.

We are not against extending the “cross-border” mechanism, but we believe it is necessary to bring it in line with the situation on the ground, especially in Idlib, and to avoid a situation where it would interfere with establishing relief supplies from the interior of the country across the contact line. Unfortunately, our arguments either fall on deaf ears or are ignored.

With no less regret we note that the Americans and their supporters succeed in manipulating purely humanitarian agencies such as the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (UN OCHA) and other specialised UN agencies in an attempt to service the political order for changing power in Syria.

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