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9 December 201918:27

Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s greetings to the organisers and participants of the 13th European Russian Forum


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I would like to offer my greetings to the organisers and participants of the 13th European Russian Forum.

Your annual meetings have become a firmly established useful platform for maintaining constructive dialogue between representatives of the civil society and political circles of Russia and the European Union on a wide range of vital issues – from European security to the current state and prospects of Russia-EU relations. Today such efforts, objectively contributing to creating a healthier situation on the continent, building trust and mutual understanding among nations remain in high demand.

It is hard to overestimate the topical character of the today's theme, "Russian identity beyond Russia". Unfortunately, in a whole range of European states such dangerous phenomena are taking place as the unresolved problem of statelessness, as well as rise of Russophobic sentiment, restriction of possibilities to use and receive education in the Russian language. We are deeply concerned by attempts to falsify and politicise history, including that of World War II. The European public opinion should be aware of and react to these facts in an appropriate manner.

I am convinced that the proposals and recommendations worked out in the course of today's discussions will also contribute to these efforts. I wish you all fruitful work and all the best.


Sergey Lavrov

9 December 2019

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