4 December 201713:11

Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s message of greetings to organisers and participants in the 7th international forum The Arctic: Present and Future


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Let me cordially welcome the organisers and participants to the 7th international forum The Arctic: Present and Future.

Your Forum has confidently asserted itself as an authoritative venue for discussing the current issues on the Arctic agenda. The traditional representative composition of the participants makes it possible to consider every aspect of a broad range of issues related to ensuring the Arctic’s sustainable development and to providing detailed recommendations on how to enhance the effectiveness of measures for this purpose, including development of international cooperation.

Russia has a vested interest in maintaining peace and stability in the region and will continue, along with the other Arctic states, to respond in a timely manner to various challenges in the Arctic and to look for new opportunities to build interaction.

I am confident that the results of this forum will promote the further development of the Arctic territories and large-scale international cooperation, including efforts to improve the quality of life of the peoples in the Far North.

I wish you productive discussions, mutually beneficial contacts, and all the best.



Moscow, December 4, 2017

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