Press release on Foreign Ministry’s Collegium meeting


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Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov chaired a meeting of the Foreign Ministry’s Collegium, which was attended by Minister of Sport Pavel Kolobkov, President of the Russian Paralympic Committee Vladimir Lukin and Honourary President of the Russian Olympic Committee Vitaly Smirnov. They discussed the promotion of Russian interests in high performance sports.

Those attending the meeting highlighted the importance of sports as an effective means of promoting international humanitarian ties and equitable compliance with international sports standards by all sides, as well as the categorical rejection of doping. They pointed out the need to implement the decisions made by the UN, UNESCO and the Council of Europe which seal the fundamental principle of the international sports movement, which reads that “sports are beyond politics.”

The Collegium also set out the Foreign Ministry’s practical goals in promoting cooperation with the Ministry of Sport, the Russian Olympic Committee and the Russian Paralympic Committee in international sports.

The results of the meeting have been put forth in a resolution adopted by the Collegium.