Comment by the Information and Press Department on the decision to ban Chairman of the Union of Journalists of Russia Vladimir Solovyov from entering Ukraine


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Ukraine’s Security Service has banned Chairman of the Union of Journalists of Russia (UJR) Vladimir Solovyov from entering Ukraine “in the interests of ensuring national security.”

Kiev’s attempts at preventing contact between Russian and Ukrainian journalists are obvious. According to Kiev, “national security” consists of the need to cleanse the information space, to further escalate anti-Russia hysteria in the Ukrainian media and prevent any attempt by Ukrainian and Russian news agencies to start a direct dialogue. Apparently, the oligarchic clans that control special services stand to gain from this kind of “security” in the worst traditions of totalitarian quasi republics, but Ukraine’s civil society does not need this. The striving of the Union of Journalists of Russia to communicate with its Ukrainian colleagues is only natural. This is a professional approach aimed at developing the media institutions in both countries, depoliticising the media and observing the high standards of journalistic ethics. As far as we know, this effort is supported by the Ukrainian counterparts of the UJR.

Open neglect of the democratic principles of ensuring the freedom of expression in Ukraine is completely out of hand.

OSCE Representative on Freedom of the Media Harlem Desir and the International Federation of Journalists have already denounced this step by the Ukrainian authorities.

We urge the Western supporters of the Kiev regime to take resolute action to curb such steps by their fosterlings.

It is necessary to discuss, without delay, the disastrous situation surrounding the freedom of the media in Ukraine at the relevant international venues.

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