17 May 201916:18

Comment by the Information and Press Department on anti-Russia publications by the Danish Institute for International Studies (DIIS)


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We have taken note of publications by the Danish Institute for International Studies under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark. In particular, shortly before the Danish parliamentary election on June 5, a new “analytical” report was posted on the DIIS website as part of the internet project “Trolls in your news feed: Russian misinformation.”

The authors level every conceivable – and inconceivable – accusation at Russia: interference in the internal affairs of Ukraine, attempts to disassociate the EU from NATO, weaken transatlantic ties, destabilise the political situation in Western European countries and more. For these purposes, our country allegedly uses a so-called troll factory and internet bots to spread information on the internet. Recently, the project was supplemented with another part devoted to the “Russian misinformation campaign” which takes the Skripal case as its example.

Unfortunately, this provocative rhetoric about the imagined threat posed by Russia has become a trademark of most representatives of the Danish expert community. Such overtly anti-Russia attacks by one of the leading political analysis centres in Denmark, intended for domestic consumption in the run-up to the parliamentary vote, form a distorted view of Russia among the Danish public and hinder the formation of a positive agenda for bilateral relations.

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