19 February 201413:46

Statement by the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs regarding the situation in Ukraine


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Last night there was blood spilt in Kiev and in several other Ukrainian cities, as a result of the criminal activities of radical forces and the opposition. There are dead and wounded among both civilians and law enforcement agencies, who defend the legal interests of the state to ensure law and order.

In the Western region of Ukraine they even occupied police buildings, the public prosecutor's office and military units. Disorderly people mocked policemen and military personnel, dozens of whom were wounded. In fact this is evidence of an attempt to seize power by force.

We are outraged by the lack of reaction to these radical actions by opposition leaders, who, hiding behind democratic slogans about commitment to democracy and European values, connive at a "brown" revolution.

We see no intelligible reaction from European politicians and bodies, who refuse to admit that the opposition is responsible for the actions of radical forces in Ukraine.

Russia requests the leaders of the "Maidan" to stop the bloodshed in their country, and immediately renew their dialogue with the legal authorities withoutthe use of threats and ultimatums.

Ukraine is a friendly and fraternal state for Russia, its strategic partner, and we will use all our influence to help this country live calmly and in peace.

19 February 2014

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