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9 December 201617:38

Comment by the Information and Press Department on the latest report of the UN Human Rights Monitoring Mission to Ukraine

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The Foreign Ministry has reviewed the 16th report of the UN Human Rights Monitoring Mission to Ukraine covering the period of August 16 to November 15, 2016.

We share many concerns, conclusions and recommendations of the UN experts regarding violations by Ukraine of its international human rights obligations and international humanitarian law. We were shocked by the horrifying evidence of extensive use of torture, inhumane treatment, sexual violence, illegal deprivation of freedom and detention of prisoners in isolation from the outside world by  Ukrainian officials and, in particular, the Security Service of Ukraine.

We cannot but condemn the absence of the right to a fair trial in Ukraine. As the UN report states, the operation of courts and investigative bodies is practically paralysed due to the unabashed interference by the authorities. There is no progress in the investigation of high-profile cases, including the Odessa events in May 2014. Paramilitary nationalist groups continue to commit crimes. The Kiev officials’ negligence of the rule of law contributes to the spreading of crime and impunity in the country.

We are concerned by the Ukrainian officials’ use of hate-inciting speech. We must not forget what irreparable tragedies happen because of misanthropic rhetoric – especially when it comes from representatives of power.

We urge Kiev to act responsibly and fulfil the recommendations of the UN Human Rights Monitoring Mission to Ukraine.

We believe that stable peace in this country can only be achieved through the strong political will of official Kiev and meticulous compliance with human rights practices and international humanitarian law, as well as honest fulfillment of the Minsk Agreements on conflict resolution in Donbass.

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