29 July 201319:13

Comment of the Information and Press Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia as regards the bloody massacre committed by terrorists near Aleppo in the north of Syria


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Last weekend we learned about the atrocity raised by militants of extremist formations Djebhat an-Nusra and Ansar al-Khalifa in Khan al-Asal, Aleppo suburb, occupied by them on July 22.

A mass execution of captured soldiers and officers of Syrian government forces, as well as civilians sympathising SAR authorities was committed in this small town. According to the received messages, Islamists shot about 150 people. Workers of the Syrian Red Crescent Society managed to bring part of the bodies with traces of tortures, as well as post-mortem mockery to the mortuary of Aleppo's central hospital. Besides, dozens of civilians have gone missing in the days of this extremist riot in Khan al-Asal.

The Government of Syria sent official messages in connection with the massacre to the UN Secretary-General, UNSC Chair and the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights denouncing atrocities of radicals allied to Al-Qaeda, pointing out to the negative role of several countries supporting them, and appealing to serious and responsible steps to oppose terror of extremists. A barbaric nature of the committed crime has become a shock for all the Syrians – it was denounced not only by authorities of the country, but also by the leading unions of the opposition, including the National Coalition, as well as the command of the so called Free Syrian Army, who distance themselves from this enormous crime.

On our side, we express our deep condolences to all the Syrian people in connection with this severe tragedy in Khan al-Asal. We decisively denounce these actions of terrorists on the Syrian land and their external accomplices. We appeal to all responsible Syrian parties and the international forces having influence on them to do everything necessary to reach a political settlement of the crisis in SAR faster. An end must be put to the bloody bacchanalia of international terrorists in Syria.

29 July 2013

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