1 August 201318:55

About delivery of the next shipment of Russian humanitarian aid to Syria


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The Russian party regularly provides humanitarian assistance to the Syrian population suffering bitter hardships as a result of military actions between government forces and militants of illegal armed formations, which have been continuing for the third year, bloody sorties of terrorists and the suffocating impact of unilateral financial and economic sanctions imposed by several countries against Damascus. Such aid is sent not only using the state line by forces of the Emergencies Ministry of Russia, but also using lines of community, political and religious organisations, with the broadest participation of plain citizens of our country, who are not indifferent to sufferings of friendly Syrian people.

The next shipment of humanitarian aid from Russia was delivered to Damascus several days ago. This time the humanitarian cargo including medical appliances, clothes and food, was purchased for the funds collected at the initiative of the Imperial Orthodox Palestine Society. Collection of donations to provide assistance to the victims of military actions in Syria started at the end of June in all parishes of the Russian Orthodox Church was organised at the appeal of Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and all Russia, as a result of which 1.3 million US dollars were collected.

The Russian party will continue its active work to provided Syria necessary humanitarian aid, including within the framework of consolidated efforts of different international organisations.

1 August 2013

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