Press release on Russia-ASEAN ministerial meeting


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On August 5, Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov attended the annual Russia-ASEAN ministerial meeting in Kuala Lumpur.

Meeting participants focused on the upcoming 20th anniversary of the Russia-ASEAN Dialogue Partnership, to be marked in 2016. The participants discussed the state and prospects of Russia-ASEAN relations and reaffirmed their desire to further their political, economic and cultural cooperation, to expand practical cooperation in energy, innovation and cutting-edge technologies, as well as emergency management.

They agreed to hold the anniversary summit in Russia and to draft a conceptual document reflecting the strategic vision for long-term Russia-ASEAN ties. A joint group of experienced officials is being established for this. It was also agreed to expedite the coordination of the Russia-ASEAN comprehensive action plan for expanded cooperation in 2016-2020 that will be approved by the leaders. And they approved an idea to declare 2016 an overlapping year of Russia and ASEAN culture.

Opinion exchanges on international issues confirmed coinciding or similar approaches towards the main issues on the global and regional agendas, including the terrorist threat posed by the Islamic State, the nuclear problem on the Korean Peninsula and the crisis in Ukraine. The ministers advocated coordinated actions to create a transparent, open and all-embracing system of reliable security and sustained growth in the Asia Pacific region, with ASEAN playing the lead role.

Laos will coordinate the Russia-ASEAN Dialogue Partnership until 2018.



 August 5, 2015