30 September 200810:23

Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Yakovenko Attends Asia Cooperation Dialogue Ministerial Meeting


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Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Alexander Yakovenko on September 29 took part in the Asia Cooperation Dialogue ministerial meeting organized on the sidelines of the 63rd UN General Assembly session, in the course of which the emphasis was laid on comprehensive examination of food security problems in the region.

The meeting expressed support for the efforts of the UN system in overcoming the crisis, with the Task Force established by the UN Secretary General playing a coordinating role, as well as discussed possible steps in this direction at the regional level.

Yakovenko said that the Russian Federation regards the swift rise in farm product prices and the resulting serious crisis with food supply for people in many states, including Asian nations, as a new global challenge significantly threatening to impede progress towards the Millennium Development Goals.

It was also emphasized that the declaration adopted by the Rome High-Level Conference on World Food Security this past June and the Comprehensive Work Program developed by the Task Force can serve as a serious basis for the consolidation of efforts by the international community in this sector.

September 30, 2008

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