16 October 200910:25

Eighth Asia Cooperation Dialogue Ministerial Meeting


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The 8th Asia Cooperation Dialogue (ACD) Ministerial Meeting took place in Colombo on October 14-15. ACD is a representative regional forum incorporating 31 states in Asia and the Middle East. Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Alexei Borodavkin headed the Russian delegation.

During discussion on the theme of "Spirit of Asia: Global Economic Recovery and Development Prospects," the meeting participants paid the main attention to finding effective ways for overcoming the global economic and financial crisis. The role of Asia in restoring the world economy and securing economic growth was especially noted.

The Russian delegation in its statement underlined the need for collective anti-crisis efforts, as well as the readiness of Russia for close cooperation with the Asian partners in questions of overcoming the crisis and creating a new regional architecture of economy and finance.

The outcome Declaration gives a high appraisal of the development prospects of the ACD as one of the important regional mechanisms of cooperation in the emerging network of multilateral associations in the Asia-Pacific Region. It reflects the willingness of member countries to exert efforts towards further invigorating the forum and outlines the ways for its organizational reinforcement.

October 16, 2009

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