21 April 201710:23

Press release on the results of the meeting of the Council of SCO Foreign Ministers


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On April 21, Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov attended a meeting of the Council of SCO Foreign Ministers in Astana.

The meeting opened the final stage of preparations for the June 2017 meeting of SCO Heads of State in Astana. Those taking part at the meeting discussed the draft Astana Declaration and decisions on completing the procedure for admitting India and Pakistan into the SCO and recognising their status as member-states. They reached consensus on the need for expediting intra-state procedures needed to sign the SCO Convention on Combating Extremism and coordinating the draft statement of SCO heads of state on jointly combating international terrorism and some other documents.

This exchange of opinions on topical regional and international issues confirmed a common desire to more actively maintain regional security and a striving to further expand multi-faceted economic, cultural and humanitarian cooperation in every way.

They passed a communique after the meeting.

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