25 August 201718:40

Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Maria Zakharova’s answer to a media question on Russia’s alleged involvement in the forest fires in Georgia


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Question: What could you say about the allegations of some politicians and media sources in Georgia who say that Russia has something to do with the forest fires in Georgia?

Maria Zakharova: There is lot of pressure on Russian EMERCOM rescuers all over the region this season (recently they fought a major forest fire in Armenia, and are now fighting steppe fires in the Volgograd Region). However, we immediately responded to the request of Tbilisi to help them fight fires in Borjomi-Kharagauli National Park. In order to do this, we allocated an EMERCOM Il-76 plane.

But some time later the Georgian side thanked us and informed us that the fire was contained, and they did not need our help.

We sincerely hope that our neighbours are able to extinguish fires as soon as possible. And we believe it is not necessary to comment on unhealthy fantasies of those who look at natural disasters in their own country as just another opportunity to spread anti-Russian rhetoric.

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