21 July 201717:56

Deputy Director of the Information and Press Department Artyom Kozhin’s answer to a Russian media question regarding the Lithuanian Foreign Ministry’s allegations of Soviet collaboration with Nazi Germany


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Question: Could you comment on the infographics that appeared on the Lithuanian Foreign Ministry’s official accounts on social media alleging collaboration between the USSR and the Third Reich?

Artyom Kozhin: As is known, Lithuania and our other Baltic neighbours are pursuing a course of falsifying the Soviet period of history and whitewashing and glorifying the Nazis and their local collaborators.

The stories published by the Lithuanian Foreign Ministry reiterate Vilnius’s wish to distort at any cost the decisive role played by the Soviet Union in freeing Europe from Hitler’s slavery. The manipulation of historical facts and outright lies are plain to see. Regarding the form in which this material is presented, to put it bluntly, it is aimed at some halfwits.

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