7 March 201217:26

Meeting of S. A. Ryabkov, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia, and Ambassadors and Heads of Diplomatic Missions of Bolivarian Alliance for the People of Our America (ALBA) in Russian Federation


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7 March, the Mansion of the Foreign Ministry hosted a meeting of S. A. Ryabkov, the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, and heads of diplomatic missions of Latin American countries, accredited in Moscow: ambassadors of the Dominican Republic – J. L. Perez Alvarado, of Ecuador – P. A. Chavez Zavala, of Brazil – C. A. da Rocha Paranhos, of Guatemala – A. R. Duarte Ortiz, of Cuba – J. V. Figueroa, of Venezuela – H. J. Garcia Hernandez, of Bolivia – M. L. Ramos Urzagaste, Chile – J. E. Eguiguren Guzman, of Nicaragua – L. A. Molina Cuadra, of Argentina – J. C. Kreckler, of Columbia – R. F. Amador Campos, of Costa Rica – M. Fernandez Silva, charges d'affaires ad interim of Mexico – P.A. Lozano Lozano, of Panama – R. Castillo Gonzales, of Paraguay – C.G. Rodriguez Romero, of Peru – O. Vizcarra Pacheco, of Uruguay - F.S. Pittaluga Fonseca.

In the course of conversation, held in traditionally open and friendly environment, the parties thoroughly exchanged opinions on basic issues of the global agenda, major issues of regional cooperation and the Russian-Latin-American interaction.

The parties focused particularly on the Syrian crisis, Iranian nuclear programme and the Middle East settlement. The meeting also discussed some independent issues of the UN General Assembly and Security Council agenda, including disarmament and non-proliferation of weapons, struggle with new challenges and threatens of modern times, "Group of Twenty" problems, steady development, human rights dossier including the concept of "responsibility to protect".

Meetings of this kind will be held regularly.

7 March 2012

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