16 May 201721:01

Regarding a Neue Zürcher Zeitung article on Russia’s alleged interference in Western election campaigns

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We are perplexed by the involvement of Neue Zurcher Zeitung in the campaign to accuse Russia of intervention in Western election campaigns. On May 13, the Swiss newspaper published an article titled “Putin is waging war on the West.” http://bit.ly/2qoUtI8

The author claims that Russian hackers in the employ of special services interfered in the election campaigns in the United States and France. Their next target is the parliamentary election in Germany, Andreas Ruesch writes.

He refers to “lots of circumstantial evidence” and cites the opinion of Western security services and unidentified software developers. At the same time, he admits that it is impossible to identify the source of the cyberattacks with absolute certainty. And yet, Mr Ruesch blames Moscow for the hacking attacks that discredited the Democratic candidates.

This means that Neue Zurcher Zeitung has joined the host of other media outlets that have abandoned the fundamental principles of professional journalism, such as objective and unbiased reporting, to wage an open information war against Russia. The author of the article in question based his unsubstantiated accusations against Russia on circumstantial evidence, the opinion of security services and his personal perceptions. This is nothing but undisguised mudslinging.

Such publications are primarily damaging the positive image of the Swiss media, which have been regarded until recently as an important social institution committed to the principles of neutrality and dialogue based on mutual respect.

Russia has always advocated respect for international law. We reiterate once again that Russia is not involved in hacking attacks.

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