30 June 201714:58

On the Russia Day Reception

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9 June 2017. A state reception dedicated to the Russia Day was hosted by the Embassy. Heads of diplomatic missions, senior diplomats, military attaches, heads of Dutch legislative bodies, representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the local authorities, civil society, business circles and academia, renowned business people, clergy and mass media participated in the celebration. Compatriots living in the Netherlands also celebrated the National Day, as well as the staff of the Embassy and the Trade Representation of Russia.

Ambassador Alexander Shulgin welcomed the guests with an opening speech. He noted that the Netherlands occupy a special place among the international partners of Russia. In 2017 we mark an important date: 300 years ago Russian tsar Peter the Great paid a second visit to the Netherlands.

The Ambassador mentioned that 2017 had been declared a Year of Ecology in Russia. The Embassy prepared itself – the halls were decorated with greenery and flowers, a bed of flowers in the colours of the Russian flag had been planted in front of the Embassy building, a small fruit garden had been planted nearby by the children of the employees. All this was possible due to the successful cooperation with a number of Dutch companies.

In conclusion, Ambassador A.Shulgin invited everyone to visit the largest football events that are to be hosted by Russia: the Confederations Cup-2017 and the FIFA World Cup-2018.

The reception passed in a warm, friendly and relaxed atmosphere, that was significantly reinforced by spectacular performances of the Merited Artist of the Russian Federation E.Bazhenova and a singer from the Russian school in Amersfoort M.Lutovinova. The guests were able to listen to famous Russian folk songs performed by the two singers.

An interesting video exhibition dedicated to the 300th anniversary of Peter the Great’s second visit to the Netherlands, the two major sport events and the natural sites of Russia was organized in the halls of the Embassy.




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